Keep up to date on what staff and volunteers at the Lindsborg Old Mill & Swedish Heritage Museum are doing in your community every day in celebrating the history of Lindsborg and the surrounding region. This weekly update both looks back at what happened last week and looks ahead at what’s coming.


For February 27-March 5, 2023:

All Staff

  • Millfest and Millfest for Kids planning.
  • Install new “Open” posters into roadside sandwich board.

Lenora Lynam, Executive Director

  • SPRINT grant work: Get quotes from a contractor on needed electrical work.
  • Met with HR consultant.
  • Organized a collections committee meeting and started a plan with them to clean out the north storage areas of the train depot.
  • Assisted a genealogy researcher on Friday.
  • Organized to have the McPherson Rock & Mineral Club to start sorting and evaluating the rock and mineral collection in storage.
  • Worked through materials to prepare a temporary exhibition display upcoming on the 125th anniversary of the Old Mill.

Caroline de Filippis, Community Development Director

  • Processed new donations and memberships.
  • Create event and input registrations on the membership platform.
  • Update listings for couples in membership platform.
  • Print additional visitor map/guides.
  • Add PowerPoint presentations to volunteer working on 125th anniversary book.
  • Research Techsoup and Square as tech solution options.
  • Work on e-newsletter template in Wild Apricot member management.
  • Review collection policy documents and create deaccession forms based on the information.
  • Meeting with Salina Arts and Humanities.
  • Put in a request for younger volunteers to help with moving rock collection in storage.
  • Look up ways to convert Pagemaker files.
  • Print labels for newsletter mailing.
  • SPRINT grant work:
    • Update budget sheet.
    • Fill in project timeline.
    • Request feedback on five-year expense pro forma.
    • Scan in letter of support and W9.
    • Update budget sheet with multiple new quotes and timeline for steam train.
    • Follow up on Pavilion gate and fence work.

Adam Pracht, Marketing and Communications Director

  • Social media posts, responding to messages and comments.
  • Took 360 “Sphere” photos of the Old Mill and assembled them using the Orbix360 platform into an interactive virtual tour. View it now at
  • Set up a new page for information about donating to the museum at
  • Expanded Kids Activity Center with three new old-fashioned games.
  • Prepared an email to go to parents of potential Millfest for Kids attendees.
  • Finalized Spring 2023 Newsletter. Sent to printer and picked up copies.
  • Communication with Greater Salina Community Foundation.
  • Prepared letter, agenda request form, and declaration to request recognition of the 125th anniversary of the Old Mill at an upcoming City of Lindsborg council meeting.
  • Recorded coupon redemption and printed more for a community partner who had run out.
  • SPRINT grant work:
    • Obtain additional signatures on the Ad Hoc Round Table letter of support.
    • Finalized quote on museum exhibition experience technology.
    • Communicated follow-up questions on train restoration quote.

Adam and Caroline

  • Attended Ad Hoc.
  • Install new “Open” flag.

Caroline and Lenora

  • SPRINT grant work:
    • Met with a contractor on a quote for insulation in the Swedish Pavilion.
    • Obtained the number required for all federal grants.
  • Attended the Lindsborg Cultural Directors meeting.

Adam and Lenora

  • Filled an online gift shop order.


  • Carol Gusenius, Ron Wilson, and Jerry Sperling: Monday front desk coverage.
  • Tom Holmquist – hauling away debris from cleaning out Academy building.
  • Julie Ann Neywick: Photo scanning.