Historic Image Database

The Historic Image Database is a community service project of the Lindsborg Old Mill & Swedish Heritage Museum, working to digitize and preserve vintage pictures and other images of the past that are of interest and valuable to Lindsborg, the Smoky Valley, and the larger region. The project was started in October 2023 thanks to a grant from the Smoky Valley Community Foundation, and the work of museum volunteers, interns, and employees.

This is work in progress, so keep checking back here frequently to see the latest images added to the project’s Flickr stream. As the project continues to develop, the museum will also be developing policies and procedures for ordering more high-quality digital images and physical prints of the images on the photostream.

Have images you want to contribute – either to add to the museum’s permanent collection or to have them scanned and returned to you? Please contact museum staff at 785-227-3595 or at info@oldmillmuseum.org to make arrangements to bring them in. 



To browse all photos in the Historic Image Database – starting with the most recently added – you can simply use the left and right arrow buttons on the embedded “Photostream” gallery at right. To expand a picture on the Flickr site and see more details, just click on the image. 

To see the pictures sorted by topical albums, visit the Flickr page HERE or to browse all photos on the museum’s Flickr site, follow the link HERE.

To search the image archive, first follow the link HERE then select the magnifying glass as pictured below (at right and directly above the photo gallery, NOT at the very top of the page – which searches ALL of Flickr.) Your search will then be narrowed to only the museum’s pictures in the database.