Virtual Tour

Take a Virtual Tour!

There’s nothing quite like seeing the attractions at Lindsborg Old Mill & Swedish Heritage Museum in person, but this is the next-best thing!

This is an interactive 360 degree virtual reality tour that will let you get an immersive taste of experiencing all four floors of the 1898 Smoky Valley Roller Mills as well as the 1904 Swedish Pavilion and surrounding Heritage Square.

Just click (or tap) and drag to look around, above, and below you.

Click on the VR goggles icon to take the experience full screen or to work with a VR headset. You can also click HERE and HERE to pull up the virtual tours on the hosting website.

More virtual tours of other museum attractions are under development and coming soon! Keep checking this page for new tour options as they become available!

1898 Smoky Valley Roller Mills

1904 Swedish Pavilion & Heritage Square