In this week’s update: April Match Month, many wonderful volunteers, the best first quarter of the museum gift shop on record, and more!

In the museum’s weekly update, you can keep up to date on what staff and volunteers at the Lindsborg Old Mill & Swedish Heritage Museum are doing in your community every day in celebrating the history of Lindsborg and the surrounding region. This weekly update both looks back at what happened last week and looks ahead at what’s coming.


For April 3-9, 2023:


  • We’re participating in the April Match Month through the Smoky Valley Community Foundation! Any donations made to the museum through the foundation during April using the link HERE will have their donation doubled with a one-to-one match!

  • We will be having our Spring Volunteer Work Day on Saturday, April 22! If you have the time and inclination to help with various important needs on the museum campus, please sign up HERE to help out!

  • Mark your calendars! Millfest will be Saturday, May 6, and we’ll be celebrating 125 years since the construction of the Old Mill!

  • After working on quarterly sales from the museum gift shop, the Executive Director can report this is the best first quarter for the shop on record!


All Staff

  • Continued planning for Millfest and Millfest for Kids.
  • Met with a member of the Bethany College Advancement Office on endowment and fundraising advice.
  • Met with City of Lindsborg Parks and Recreation reps on needs for Millfest weekend.

Lenora Lynam, Executive Director

  • Worked with a contractor on scanning archival materials. Requested a full quote.
  • Daily bookkeeping (Bank deposits, bills, recording and reconciling transactions in accounting software.)
  • Placed orders for new books – as well as pens, letter openers, and wine corks made from original mill scale house wood – for the gift shop.
  • Communicated with Bethany College about a possible student intern for the fall.
  • Arrangements for the next Swedish Genealogy Virtual Workshop on June 10 (particularly on session topics). Sent out a “save the date” email to past attendees.
  • Will be focused on making Millfest for Kids school schedules this week, followed soon by sending out mailed packets to schools.
  • Submitted a request for road closures during Millfest weekend.
  • Requested help from a class of Bethany College students to help in the one-room schoolhouse during Millfest for Kids.
  • Traveled to Salina to pick up a Millfest gift card donated as well as picking up a number of needed supplies for the museum.
  • Contacted creator of 125th mill anniversary book and set up a staff meeting for this week about the project.
  • Arranged a local artist to create laser-burned wooden bookmarks to celebrate the mill’s 125th anniversary.
  • Finalized Millfest for Kids list (15 different schools and homeschools and 450 kids registered) and the list of demonstrators and vendors for both Millfest for Kids and Millfest.

Caroline de Filippis, Community Development Director (last 2 weeks)

  • Prepared and sent out posters and letters to invite area mills in Kansas to Millfest.
  • Created a museum-specific poster for April Match Month.
  • Started work on a $3,000 grant for digitizing photo preservation.
  • Attended monthly CVB board meeting.
  • Created three strategic development documents for the Development Committee. Secured three members of the committee. There’s another one individual who is a potential and there are spaces for two more members.
  • Deleted subscription to previous donor management software (cost increased; looking into alternate options).
  • Created a registration for the Volunteer Work Day.
  • Researched high-visibility vests for Millfest volunteers.
  • Set up meeting for Old Mill Committee.
  • Professional development assignment under fundraising bootcamp.
  • Request a gift card donation through required online portal.
  • Review Humanities Kansas Speakers Bureau options.
  • Guest greeting coverage as-needed.
  • Assist Adam with preparing poster and letters for in-person dropoff.
  • Create sign design about Osher Foundation for placement next to the Swedish Pavilion at Millfest.
  • Assist Adam with list for sponsorship request letter and addresses for names of the list.
  • Arrange next 125th anniversary committee meeting.
  • Request musical entertainment for Millfest.
  • Call locally to request Millfest for Kids sponsorship.
  • Create Millfest postcard for sending to members.
  • Request to a potential demonstrator for Millfest for Kids.
  • Start retyping history booklet for Millfest.

Adam Pracht, Marketing and Communications Director

  • Social media posts, responding to multiple messages and comments. Sent Facebook invites to individuals expressing interest.
  • Wrote and designed a Millfest solicitation letter and sponsor information form. Prepared a distribution list.
  • Updated events on website and Facebook.
  • Attended AdHoc.
  • Responded to reporter questions from Milling & Baking News.
  • Researched possible popup tents and visibility vests from volume purchasing programs.
  • Communication about elementary school music performance for Millfest.
  • Researched possible reenactors for Millfest.
  • Secured Millfest donations from Sam’s Club and several local banks.
  • Replied to emailed questions.
  • Printed and personally delivered posters for Volunteer Day and Millfest, as well as a number of Millfest sponsorship letters and forms.
  • Ordered additional newsletter prints.
  • Requested reading of a proclamation at Millfest.
  • Provided an introduction to a past colleague who may be help to help with fundraising and development advice.
  • Took pictures for social media.
  • Printed additional coupons for one partner. Recorded redeemed coupons.
  • Followed up with photographer for 125th anniversary book.

Caroline and Lenora

  • Met with representatives of the Greater Salina Community Foundation.
  • Worked with Mike Koch to move items out of the Academy building and make additional room for the McPherson Rock and Mineral Club.
  • Received a packet from the Heritage Trust Fund about the received grant for Mill tuckpointing. Both will be attending a Zoom workshop about grant requirements this week.

Adam and Caroline

  • Prepped and sent a Millfest solicitation letter to area businesses and organizations. (70+)
  • Finalized poster for volunteer work day.


  • Cathy Ahlstedt and Jerry Sperling: Monday front desk coverage.
  • Ron Wilson: Monday afternoon and Thursday morning front desk coverage.
  • Kathy Peterson and Kim Colby: Gardening and landscaping.
  • Jerry Hammerton: Rebuilding small wooden bridge across the stone culvert near the Homestead cabin.
  • Mike Koch: Moving old lumber out of academy and installation of automatic paper towel dispenser.
  • Mike Lynam: cleaning out aluminum cans from small shed.