Limited Edition Scale House Wine Cork


Limited edition wooden wine corks, made with actual wood from the mill’s scale house.

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These wine corks are made from several authentic 20’x10”x3” pine planks of the Old Mill’s scale house, located south of the Old Mill. Laid in the late 1800s, the planks were in service until late 2022. After more than a 100 years of service, deterioration required the replacement of the planks.

They were slathered with creosote, but nature ultimately took its toll, while adding visual character to the wood, with many of them showing unique dark-colored bands from infusion of the creosote.

Countless loads of grain have been hauled over this wood in the mill’s 125-year history. Objects made from these planks are a piece of history, and no two are identical.

John Buckner, the regional artisan who creates these beautifully handcrafted keepsakes, works with international students to teach them wood turning. By purchasing one of these unique pieces, you are also contributing to a unique learning experience for these students while also supporting the museum.

These truly one-of-a-kind items are each lovingly handmade and are being produced for only a limited time. They are perfect for those with a connection to Lindsborg and the Smoky Valley or the Old Mill specifically, history enthusiasts, and those who simply appreciate beautiful, well-made objects.

All wine corks come with a protective red gift bag and a card explaining its history and creation.

Orders will be fulfilled from available stock; sorry, but specifying the look or design desired is not possible for shipped orders.

Weight .0625 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 1.5 × 1.5 in