1898 Smoky Valley Roller Mills

360 Video Tour - Beginning - Exterior North Side


  • Click (or touch) and drag on each 360 video on the tour to look around, above, and below you. (If you’re viewing on a mobile device with gyroscope, you may also be able to just point the device where you want to look!)
  • To navigate the Old Mill virtual video tour, click or tap the text or picture links below each 360 video to go to a new location.
  • You can also jump instantly to any location that sounds interesting using the navigation links at right, available anytime during the virtual tour.
  • If you’d rather be taken on a journey through the Old Mill, click HERE for a curated 360 virtual video that will automatically move you through the tour stops.
  • If you encounter an error or strangely “stretched” images, first please try to refresh your browser. If the error continues, please email adam.pracht@oldmillmuseum.org.