Full Virtual Video Tour

Experience the Old Mill in Motion!

The Smoky Valley Roller Mills were built in 1898, but are still available to see history in motion every Millfest on the first Saturday in May, when guided tours are available during a daylong “dry run.”

This 360-degree immersive video footage was taken in 2023, during the 125-year celebration of the mill’s construction.

Sit back and relax as we take you automatically from one amazing location to the next on our video tour. 

As the footage plays, just click (or touch) and drag to look around, above, and below you. (If you’re viewing on a mobile device with gyroscope, you may also be able to just point the device where you want to look!)

If you’d prefer to take your own time in exploring the 360 environments, take the self-guided virtual video tour HERE.

1898 Smoky Valley Roller Mills

Short Version (About 3 minutes)

Longer Version (About 6 minutes)