Monday Morning Museum Update – November 7, 2022

Welcome to the “Monday Morning Museum Update” – a new way to keep updated on what staff and volunteers are doing in your community every day in serving and celebrating the history of Lindsborg and the surrounding region. Coming each Monday (and, we hope, in the morning), this weekly update will both look back at what happened last week and look ahead at what’s coming.

For October 30 – November 5, 2022:

All Staff

Met on several topics last week, including:

  • Would like to have several more artists to be at the museum for Christmas Artists’ Open House on December 3.
  • We need one more music group for Heritage Christmas to perform on December 10.
  • We are decorating for the holidays with a volunteer workday on November 19, starting at 9 a.m.
  • Planning a spring fundraiser.

Attended AdHoc business group on its new day of Wednesday.

All three staff members will be at the Kansas Museum Association conference in Topeka this week.

Lenora Lynam, Executive Director

  • Assisted two researchers with Swedish genealogy inquiries as well as a research question about the mill and dam.
  • Met with a human resources consultant on several topics.
  • Hired a part-time custodial worker.
  • Will be presenting November 12 at IDQuest, sponsored by the Topeka Public Library.

Caroline de Filippis, Community Development Director

  • Process and thank new museum members.
  • Review proposals for a possible model exhibit of the Mill and advance the process.
  • Research securing a new location for in-person Swedish genealogy workshops.
  • Initial planning for Donors Reception on February 12.
  • Contacts related to Artists’ Open House and Heritage Christmas.
  • Prepare for grant applications.
  • Pick up Swedish brooms for eventual sale in gift shop.

Adam Pracht, Marketing and Communications Director

  • The museum gift shop is now available for online purchases, as Adam was able to do a “soft rollout” of the shop last week (the culmination of about six weeks of preparation). It’s available at
  • Guided tour to group of 11 on Friday.
  • Developed graphics for the 2023 celebration of the 125th anniversary of the Mill.
  • Social media posts.
  • Added new events to website and social media.
  • Sent news release on $20,000 in new grants.
  • Researched direct email marketing providers.
  • Removed and replaced damaged American flag.
  • Initial planning of 125th anniversary coffee table book.
  • Fixed a website page outage Tuesday.

Caroline and Lenora

  • Worked on budget planning.
  • Presented a program to Kiwanis on Thursday.

Adam and Lenora

  • Clean-up from leaks and flooding from Friday’s morning storms.

Volunteer Highlights

  • On Tuesday, Mike Koch fixed the latch on the one-room schoolhouse. On Wednesday, he made repairs to the train depot ramp.