The “Monday Morning Museum Update” is here to keep you updated on what staff and volunteers are doing in your community every day in serving and celebrating the history of Lindsborg and the surrounding region. This weekly update both looks back at what happened last week and look ahead at what’s coming. Let’s check in with what’s happening at the museum as 2022 is coming to a close.

For December 12-18, 2022:

  • We’ve blown past the halfway point on our $50,000 Match Challenge! This has been thanks to many people making one-time donations, securing their new or renewing museum membership, and a particularly significant donation of $5,000 from First Bank Kansas!
    We now sit at 63% secured at almost 2/3 of the way through the month of December… Definitely on pace, but not there yet; we don’t want to leave any part of this generous gift unclaimed!
    Make your one-time donation through December 31, and the donor will make a Double Match to donations of any amount (so, for example, a $100 gift will also secure $200 matching funds). They will Triple Match new and renewing individual and family memberships!
  • City completed electrical grid work by the museum and mill.

Lindsborg Old Mill & Swedish Heritage Museum Celebrate the Mill's 125th Year $50,000 Match Challenge!

All Staff

  • Attended weekly AdHoc
  • Prepared and sent two mailings about the Match Challenge.
  • Planning meeting for upcoming 2023 events.
  • Reviewed gift shop new products survey and set priorities for new products in 2023.

Lenora Lynam, Executive Director

  • Helped a visitor with Swedish genealogy research on Saturday.

Caroline de Filippis, Community Development Director

  • Process new donations and memberships.
  • Solicit letters of support on grant for Pavilion repairs.
  • Met with or reached out to contact multiple community partners.
  • Update membership form.
  • Update events calendar.
  • Solicit quotes for Pavilion porch repair.

Adam Pracht, Marketing and Communications Director

  • Social media posts.
  • Updated progress trackers on Match Challenge online.
  • Created a new Match Challenge goal tracker in the gift shop (filling jar with wheat to show progress.)
  • Gave a tour of the Old Mill to a group from the Kansas Arts Alliance.
  • Started adding online Swedish Genealogy Workshop archive videos for sale in the online gift shop.
  • Wrote Match Challenge letters for mailing.
  • Extended online advertising.
  • Secured rights to original artwork of the Old Mill.
  • Prepared new museum coupons for community partners.
  • Set up museum in group purchasing program to save on supplies.
  • Contacted individuals for help on 125th anniversary planning.
  • Prepared sign for selling hot chocolate and coffee in gift shop.

Caroline and Lenora

  • Attended a meet and greet at the Salina Arts Center with group from the Kansas Arts Alliance. Earlier in the day, gave the group a tour of the Swedish Pavilion.
  • Met with a contractor for quotes on painting the Swedish Pavilion.

Caroline and Adam

  • Prepare plans and promotion for a new temporary exhibit on Theodore Roosevelt in 2023.
  • Start setting up membership management system.

Adam and Lenora

  • Met with a potential new service contractor.


  • Jerry Sperling, Ron Wilson, and Carol Gusenius: Monday front desk coverage.
  • Julie Ann-Neywick: Photo scanning
  • Bernice Peterson: Updating artifact locations in collections software.
  • Chet Peterson: Indexing Lindsborg phone books.
  • Mike Koch: Assisting with Heritage Christmas clean-up.