In this week’s update: German genealogy, Historic Image Database, grant community survey, and more!

In our weekly update, keep up to date on what staff and volunteers at the Lindsborg Old Mill & Swedish Heritage Museum are working on to lift up the history of Lindsborg and the surrounding region. This weekly update both looks back at what happened last week and looks ahead at what’s coming.

For February 12-18, 2024:

  • Last Saturday, we hosted an online German genealogy presentation with 40 people in attendance! Keep reading this weekly update for updates on upcoming genealogy workshops this year.
  • Pestingers has started work this week to replace the relays and thermostats in the Old Mill. With the cost of this paid for by the SPRINT grant, this upgrade will allow for more precise control of heating in the mill, allowing for cost savings.
  • Bethany College education classes have been visiting on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a class project.
  • The Historic Image Database has grown substantially thanks to the efforts of volunteers and our Bethany College intern. We’re now at 3,644 historic images and 85,000 views!
  • Don’t forget to take the David J. Nutt Grant community survey before the end of February! This is an important part of the grant decision-making process for the McPherson County Community Foundation.

  • The Museum Handy Crew worked on clearing the space between the museum main gallery and back gallery, which had accumulated a good deal of clutter over the years. They expect to finish when they meet this week.
  • Millfest sponsorship opportunities are now available! If we happened to have missed you with our mailing, no problem – just use the sponsorship form HERE.

  • Registration is now open for “Millfest for Kids” on Friday, May 3, 2024. This is a “living history” event for children of all ages. Students and teachers will enjoy a variety of hands-on activities such as blacksmithing, ropemaking, spinning, quilting, music and more! Contact us at or call 785-227-3595 to reserve limited space. Demonstrators for the event are now being contacted and we already have several hundred students registered to attend.
  • We have officially kicked off our Endowment Campaign 2025 to add $1 million to our endowment in supporting our annual operational budget to make sure that not only do we preserve these historical treasures, but we can also “keep the lights on.” Read more on the flyer and giving form below, or visit to to learn more!

Thank you to our museum volunteers!

Jerry Sperling, Betty Amos, Tim Stewart, Les Sperling, Jerry Hammerton, Karmon Almquist, Mike Koch, and Leland Nelson.