Welcome to February and this week’s “Monday Morning Museum Update”! Keep up to date on what staff and volunteers at the Lindsborg Old Mill & Swedish Heritage Museum are doing in your community every day in celebrating the history of Lindsborg and the surrounding region.

This weekly update both looks back at what happened last week and looks ahead at what’s coming.


Upcoming and news:

-Remember for your special people that Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! If you need a last-minute gift, we’re currently having a sale on chocolate items through February 14!


For February 6-12, 2023:

All Staff

  • Team meeting on topics of: Working on SPRINT grant application, with the application due February 24; planning new wayfinding signs for the museum campus; preparing for board meeting.
  • All attended and presented at Board of Directors meeting and annual meeting on Thursday.

Lenora Lynam, Executive Director

  • Coordinated to host students from the Foundations of Education class from Bethany College, using the museum archives as a resource for a class project.
  • Assisted an individual with genealogy research.
  • Met with the collections committee to discuss the taxidermy and the rock and fossil collections. The committee is working on a plan to organize the storage area on the north end of the train depot.

Caroline de Filippis, Community Development Director

  • Processed new donations and memberships.
  • Processed RSVPs and updated Donor Reception guest list.
  • Corrected a member address.
  • Prepare several giving confirmation letters for tax purposes.
  • Make many inquiries in preparation for SPRINT grant application.
  • Review mural and public art grant application.
  • Look for signage and donation box options for staff review. Ordered selected items following staff input and decisions.
  • Attend meetings for: CVB Board,
  • Review regulations and forms for potential beer garden at Svensk Hyllningsfest.
  • Schedule upcoming meetings.
  • Update strategic plan and several other documents in preparation for Board of Directors meeting.
  • Register on and start “Unique Entity Identifier” application process needed for SPRINT grant application.
  • Write letter of acceptance for Heritage Trust Fund grant.
  • Prepare for presenting strategic plan at Ad Hoc on Monday.
  • Update committee listing.
  • Coordination of changes on board committees.
  • Set up Zoom meeting link for genealogy workshop.
  • Measuring available wall space in association with grants.
  • Communicate with potential wheat weavers for gift shop.

Adam Pracht, Marketing and Communications Director

  • Social media posts.
  • Attended Ad Hoc.
  • Gave tours of the Old Mill & Swedish Pavilion on Wednesday to about 35 history students from Smoky Valley High School.
  • Corrected admission pricing on county website presence for the museum.
  • Wrote news releases on the $20,000 Osher Foundation grant for the Pavilion porch and $87,350 from the Heritage Trust Fund for repairs to the Old Mill exterior. Sent to journalist contacts.
  • Brainstormed promotional ideas for Våffeldagen.
  • Communicated with a freelance writer interested in doing a story about the process and success of the $50K Match Challenge.
  • Prepared 2022 Annual Report documents for the Board of Directors for the Community Development Director and Executive Director positions, using information provided by Lenora and Caroline. Printed copies before the Thursday Board of Directors meeting.
  • Finished dropping off payment and paperwork for listing in the Kansas Travel Guide.
  • Made a call related to SPRINT grant.
  • Created in-store signs and graphic for Valentine’s Day chocolate sale.

Caroline and Lenora

  • Met with the new Mill Committee to brainstorm ways to promote the museum in the agriculture and milling arenas.
  • Met with an individual slated to work on the Old Mill 125th anniversary book.
  • Met with the board president about a large grant opportunity.
  • Led the Swedish Genealogy Workshop on February 11, with 43 registrants.

Adam and Caroline

  • Reposition the Roosevelt exhibition set-up.