The Last Cattle Drive


A wild romp of a modern day Western.

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The Last Cattle Drive

A novel by Robert Day


A wild romp of a modern day Western

“Spangler Star Tukle is a Kansas cattleman with 6,000 acres and a low boiling point. (Tukle is so choleric that he empties a shotgun into a power mower that has offended him.) When the rancher decides to drive his 250 head of cattle to the Kansas City stockyards to save shipping costs, you can expect Murphy’s Law to become 100 percent operative . . . Atmospheric.” New York Times Book Review


“Bob Day’s novel is like the man himself – ebullient, precise, Ravelaisian, witty. It’s written in remarkably fine North American English. It wears its cowboy boots, as does the author himself, very comfortably and with a highly polished panache.” Anthony Burgess

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